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Low cost digital advisory service

As the name suggests, we coach businesses to become more confident working in the digital space.  

  • Are you currently using excel spreadsheets to keep track of your accounts and keep thinking to yourself there has to be a better way? Trust us, there is!

  • Are you conscious of the environment and wonder how you can reduce your paper usage in the office? We can help you learn how.

  • Are you getting lost in your business software and don’t know where to turn? That is where we come in.

  • Not sure if the products you are using are the right fit? Let us do some research and find out if there is a better product, or if the product you are using just needs some fine tuning.

  • Do you use your computer supplied mail app and wish it was more intuitive? We did too – that’s why we changed!

  • Keep forgetting to attach files every time you send an email and pray that there was a way you could be reminded to attach it? What if we told you there was.

What if we told you that there was a solution for just about any one of your business pain points and they are all out there on the world wide web – accessible from anywhere and in most cases have an app on your phone that can be used as well. 

OK, so here is us telling you – there IS a better way. Want to know how? Simply book a 1:1 consultation with us through the ASBAS Digital Solutions program – for $20 + GST - $40 + GST per 45 minute session we can work with you to get your business processes streamlined so you have more time to do the things you love.

To book a 1:1 consultation (either face to face or online – the choice is totally yours) head to and register your business with the system (this is a one time only requirement) select Business Systems as the area you want help with and find Sammie Wigg in the list of advisors.